To install packages used in development, such as the Django debug toolbar and things needed for Akoma Ntoso import, run:

pip install -e .[develop]


The CSS is written using SASS, Compass, and Foundation. In order to compile the CSS, you will need to install the compass and zurb-foundation gems. The following should install them, with the relevant gem bin directory then added to your PATH:

gem install --user-install --no-document zurb-foundation compass

A git pre-commit hook is provided in conf/hook-pre-commit to automatically compile the CSS whenever you commit altered SCSS. Start using that with (in the project root):

ln -s ../../conf/hook-pre-commit .git/hooks/pre-commit

Manually you can use something like:

compass compile \
    --output-style=compressed \
    -r zurb-foundation \
    --sass-dir speeches/static/speeches/sass \
    --css-dir speeches/static/speeches/css \


compass watch \
    --output-style=compressed \
    -r zurb-foundation \
    --sass-dir speeches/static/speeches/sass \
    --css-dir speeches/static/speeches/css

Model changes

South migration files are included in the code. If you wish to change the database model, be sure to use South to add new migrations. As explained in the install documentation, you will need to install popit-django and add popit to INSTALLED_APPS for the migrations to run.

If you have already run syncdb for SayIt, and then start using South, you will need to fake the migrations up to the point you synced.