Updating your code

Keeping your code up to date means you get new features and bug fixes implemented by other users of the component.

Updating SayIt used as a Django app

These instructions are the same as for any Django app you are using that you would want to update.

  1. The first step depends upon how are you dealing with dependencies in your project. A couple of common options include the following:

    1. Update the version you have pinned in your project’s requirements.txt and run pip install -r requirements.txt;
    2. Run pip install --upgrade django-sayit

    This will update SayIt, plus any changes to its dependencies.

  2. migrate if you’re using South, or have Django 1.7+ with built in migrations, to get any changes to the database models.

  3. collectstatic to collect new/changed static files for deployment.

Updating SayIt with its example Django project

  1. git fetch and git merge from the git repo (either the mySociety one or your own fork of it), dealing with any of your own local changes how you wish (if you think they would be useful to others, please do submit them as pull requests).

  2. Follow from step 2 above.