Welcome to SayIt

SayIt is a Django application designed to radically reduce the effort of putting transcripts online in an attractive, searchable, linkable, readable way.

This site is about how to install your own copy of SayIt on your own server, and how to import data into it. mySociety (the UK charity that wrote this code) runs a public installation of SayIt for hosting transcripts that you might be interested in. For more information, please see sayit.mysociety.org.

Technical Overview

The speeches directory contains a standard Django app, and the example_project directory contains a sample basic Django project that uses SayIt. You may also be interested in the project that is sayit.mysociety.org, which can be found on GitHub.

SayIt has been installed on Debian squeeze and wheezy. If Django and PostgreSQL run on it, it should theoretically be okay; do let us know of any problems.


SayIt can be installed as a Django app, or as a standalone server. For full details, see the installation documentation.