SayIt tests run on Travis with each commit and pull request, and you can see the output on Travis.

To install the packages required to run the tests, run:

pip install -e .[test]

(You will also need to make sure your system has FFMPEG installed in order to avoid errors from tests which involve audio.)

Tests can be run with:

./manage.py test speeches

By default the Selenium-based tests are not run. These tests currently uses Firefox, so make sure you have Firefox installed.

If you’re on a headless server, eg: in a vagrant box, you’ll need to install the iceweasel and xvfb packages (see the commented out section of /conf/packages for the packages you’ll need to install).

After installing them, start Xvfb with:

Xvfb :99 -ac &

And export your display variable:

export DISPLAY=:99

You can then run the tests, including the Selenium ones, using:

SELENIUM_TESTS=1 ./manage.py test

You might want to make that happen at every startup with the appropriates lines in /etc/rc.local and ~/.bashrc